Message from the CEO

Since our inception in 2001, Viola Communications, formerly known as Viola Pro-Media, has been focused on constantly improving and growing our products and services. The past years have been all about discovering new businesses and building mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, customers and partners. Today, Viola Communications is a proud parent to 6 distinctive and world-class business entities, each with its own area of expertise and its own identity. As a result, we have the power to offer a comprehensive and top-notch roster of specialty communications services to both the public and private sectors in advertising, public relations, out-of-home advertising, events, production, media, and others.

The Viola Communications network currently occupies a prominent perch in the UAE’s communications landscape. With our integrated approach, we guarantee an increase in your brand’s efficiency, helping you achieve desired outcomes, and ultimately enabling you to get more value for your communication investment.

Despite dramatic shifts in the economy in the past few years, Viola Communications continues to thrive. Our credo is to constantly set industry standards and never cease to achieve and evolve. After all, development and diversification are the cornerstones of our group; thus, we will remain relentless in our pursuit of new businesses, fresh partnerships and wider reach.

The Viola family functions as a collective cohesive unit working towards achieving our common goal: client satisfaction! Each member of the team has been carefully chosen for their individual expertise, dedication and industry knowledge. We value their contributions and ensure they are highly trained, dedicated to dealing with the unique and differing needs of those who chose to work with any of our entities.

Every day we take pride in working towards our objectives through careful preparation and diligent execution. Due to such emphasis on quality and performance we have managed to root ourselves as a company that thrives off of its own excellence. And it is from this foundation of honest effort and unfailing progression that Viola continues to make strides towards a future of bigger possibilities.



Ammar Sharaf
CEO, Viola Communications

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