Message from the Chairman

Planting roots in the UAE, Viola Communications was established as a comprehensive and prestigious communications hub that set out to cater to the public and private sectors. From the very beginning, we have been driven by the vision of being the best in what we do, with emphasis on innovation, operational efficiency, and excellence in our core competencies.

With vast experience in advertising, public relations, production, events management, media, and outdoor advertising, our business units are strengthening their presence and cementing their reputation in the UAE’s vibrant and dynamic communications industry. The past years have seen Viola Communications give life and wings to some of the most prominent and successful projects and campaigns in this part of the world. Without a doubt, this is the result of our focused methodologies, clearly defined strategies and innovative communication vehicles that go above and beyond clients’ needs and expectations. By bringing together some of the best talents in the field of marketing and communications, we deliver fully-integrated, specialized and superior services every single time.

It is my firm belief that opportunities abound in the UAE’s diverse markets, this despite an ever changing economic climate. At Viola Communications, we are always on the lookout for the next challenge – the next step – to keep growing and evolving. We constantly push our limits to look for ways to create sustainable and competitive value for our partners, customers, and stakeholders.

Viola Communications remains committed to partnering with the government in the pursuit of development. Thus, we never cease to think strategically and innovatively to benefit not only our group of companies, but the collective community in the process. For us to continue on our trajectory of success, it is vital to take an active part in safeguarding Abu Dhabi’s progress and prosperity.

In the face of today’s volatile global economic landscape, we remain secure in the thought that we are guided by our keen foresight and core values, as we continue to embark on endeavors that challenge and move us to be better always… to go even further.

Welcome to Viola Communications.


Khalifa Yousuf Khouri

Khalifa Yousuf Khouri

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