Our Approach

Viola Communications is a marketing communications investment group headquartered in Abu Dhabi. We seek to invest in, establish or acquire businesses that provide solutions within the marketing communications sector on a local level.

With our market expertise, vast network of industry contacts, and extensive skills and experience, we can identify and evaluate a sufficient flow of high quality investment opportunities which provide our shareholders and partners with multiple returns.

Strategic Pillars


Leverage multi-discipline synergy to provide innovative and integrated marketing communications solutions


Ensure the transfer and the advancement of know-how through partnerships and joint ventures to address evolving market needs


Proactive, involved and open to new possibilities by keeping our sights focused on opportunities in the market


Streamline internal processes to create operational efficiencies and sustain competitive advantages


Harness the highest caliber of talents and become a preferred employer


Generate attractive returns for investors through the exceptional performance of our specialized business units


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