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Since its inception, Viola Outdoor has blossomed into a centrepiece of the regional advertising industry. Viola Outdoor was established in 2004, its activities and achievements paved the way for an exclusive marketing concession with the government of Abu Dhabi through the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City lasting until 2020, cementing its position as the capital’s leading outdoor advertising company. Covering approximately 70% of all OOH advertising in the City by managing all the bridge and lamp post banners in Abu Dhabi, both in and out of the city, Viola Outdoor guarantees maximum exposure and impact.

The country will witness a new era for the OOH industry as via our highly skilled media staff and thorough knowledge of network selling, Viola Outdoor continues its trend of innovation by developing new, state-of-the-art equipment so as to further advance the outdoor industry to unmatched levels of excellence. Through our work with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, we have upgraded to displaying specifically designed, lightweight, light-box units along with rust-free, aluminum structures profiles all while devising the most efficient installation methods, introducing led lighting solutions to reduce electricity consumption and preserving the sleek, aesthetic appearance of all outdoor fixtures.

With our unique strategy of catering to all businesses, small, medium and large and in keeping with the cutting-edge standards of Viola, this project has displayed our trademark ability to combine practical benefits with the most nuanced of artistic creativity which has become synonymous with Viola Outdoor.

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