Viola Planning Consultancy

Viola Planning Consultancy is the newest addition to Viola Communications’ constantly growing portfolio. It is the strategic planning and marketing consultancy arm of Viola Communications. Viola Planning Consultancy was started with the mission of providing the highest quality professional services that address business issues of clients. The main vision of Viola Planning Consultancy is to engrain the fact that a brand is not just a communication or marketing tool but also a driver and differentiator of our business. Our vision serves as a framework for Viola’s roadmap and guides every aspect of its business by describing what we need to achieve in order to provide the highest quality results for clients.

Our main objective is to support clients with strategic planning needs by planning and marketing solutions that are built around unique, effective and actionable brand strategies. The key differentiator in our offering will be that all aspects of clients’ business will be built or reshaped around the brand strategy.

Viola Planning Consultancy is spearheaded by seasoned strategist, Mr. Joseph Atallah and this includes:

  • Market, country, trend, consumer & competitive analysis
  • Segmentation, pricing, product & communications strategies
  • Business planning & review
  • Market strategy
  • Brand planning & strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Digital planning & strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand architecture & archeology
  • Brand audit, brand health check
  • All types of market & consumer research
  • Tweets